What Happened?

Developing Story: 


What started off as a playdate amongst friends ended in tragedy for 12-year old Layla Kendall. Multiple gunshots were fired into a home located in Hampton, GA where Layla was sitting in the kitchen with her friend. At this time, the family is still in shock, angry and saddened by this tragedy and unexpected turn of events.


Layla is a fun-loving young girl with a heart of gold who enjoys spending time with family and friends. She just celebrated her 12th birthday only 2 days ago with her whole life ahead of her while she literally fights for her life today. 


Statement From Family: 


Layla was air lifted to Egleston Children's Hospital shortly after suffering a gun shot wound. Her mother, father and other family members are by her side awaiting updates from doctors as Layla fights for every breath she takes.


She is currently undergoing surgery for extreme lower body injury, possible airway injury and other wounds.  Layla's family does not know what motivated this shooting as she was just spending time at a friends house as she's done many times before. The family has set up a go fund me account to assist with extensive medical costs and future rehabilitation efforts. 



How You Can Help


We want to assist Layla in making home a "Home Sweet Home" again. Due to the unexpected and unfortunate event, housing and home improvement efforts will be needed to accommodate Layla going forward.  Due to the nature of the incident the family has no time to prepare financially for the expenses out-of-pocket.  Join us in efforts to help ease the financial burden of installing home modifications, or even building a new home that meets the needs of all of its occupants.  Our mission and goal is to assist with providing a safe and comfortable home by any connections that you may have.  Please complete the contact us form below if you are willing to assist us in this area. 



Layla spent a little over one month recovering in ICU and has now moved on to one of the best rehabilitation centers in the nation for her type of injuries.  As you can imagine the mounting medical expenses and equipment needed can be quite an overwhelming financial experience.  We are asking for any and all assistance.  What this means is, if you are able to help directly please reach out to us and let us know.  If you are able to refer or help us indirectly, by all means please also reach out.  We appreciate you in advance. 


It has been said that a person's overall mindset about any situation has a direct correlation to the success of their recovery.  We want to keep Layla's spirits up with videos, cards, gifts and any thing you can think of (everything is welcomed and appreciated).  Please complete the contact us form to reach out to us about how to give.     


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