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We will assist you in making sure that your content is organized in a clear concise manner.  This will not only help with the initial customization of your site, but also aid the user in easily finding information within a minimum number of clicks.  

*Prim & Proper Ink does not write content.

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Website Customizaton Questionnaire

the process


complete questionnaire

During this phase we will send a questionnaire for your completion.  Once we receive your information back, we will generate a proposal and design contract based on your input. Click here to complete questionnaire. Check your email/junk mail after completion of the questionnaire.  



complete deposit  & submit information requirements

After you sign your contract, a quote/invoice will be generated. Payment will prompt your placement on our design calendar and the request for documentation will be initiated. 


Design & Review

Design work will begin as soon as all information is received. Please submit all photos via WeTransfer. You will have the opportunity to review your site prior to publishing.  Up to 3 full revisions are included. 



completion & approval

During this phase, we will ensure that your site is displaying properly on your desk top.  Mobile site optimization is available at an additional fee.  Please let us know if you are interested in optimizing your site for mobile display. Up to 30 days of support is included within the initial package price

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How To Upload Files

Prim & Proper Ink does not scan photos on behalf of our clients.  We understand that some original photos are irreplaceable so in order to safeguard your pictures, we use WeTransfer to send and receive large documents and photos.  Please click the WeTransfer logo below to upload photos to be used for your website.  If stock photos are needed please let us know and we will refer you to a site of which you may purchase Royalty Free photos.  Any photos sent to us will be used under the premise that you are authorize to use the photos provided to us. 

We Transfer


  • VISIT WETRANSFER (This is a FREE Service)

  • Click the Blue Circle to ADD YOUR FILES


  • Enter Your Name along with instructions on how to apply the photos within the message section.

  • Click TRANSFER to send us your files

Terms & conditions

Payment of Fees: 

Payment of materials are due according to the following schedule:  The total cost per page is $85 for customization.   Payment in full is due before each page of request.  The final website will be transferred to your company upon completion.

Search Engines: 

Prim & Proper Ink is not responsible for your search engine promotion or marketing of any kind.  Prim & Proper Ink may offer to help you optimize your site and suggest appropriate search engine submission guidelines for your marketing if requested. 



Either party may terminate this Agreement upon giving written notice to the other as specified below.  Upon termination Prim & Proper Ink may retain any initial payment and the Client shall pay Prim & Proper Ink for all hours expended on the project, up to the date of termination, at Prim & Proper Ink’s standard rates together with all other amounts due here-under. 



Once a project has been designed in full accordance to the agreed upon project, no refunds are given.  If more than the agreed upon number of layouts is provided along with revisions no deposit is refunded. 



After deposit is given and the project has been outlined, we will provide you with an estimated turnaround time.  For websites this turnaround time is from the date we have ALL CONTENT FROM YOU.  Without content from you, the design assignment cannot be fully comprehended or planned out.  If you decide to abandon the project without informing Prim & Proper Ink in writing, we cannot guarantee that you will be first in line for design work upon your return.  Your project will have to be re-incorporated into our design schedule.  We will do our best to work your project back into the design schedule as time permits.  If a project is determined inactive longer than 2 months, the project will be cancelled and no funds will be refunded. 



Prim & Proper Ink does not maintain your website as a part of the customization purchase price.  Please ask a member of our design team if you have any questions and/or concerns. 


The standard rate for each page is $85; this does not include the adding of various widgets such as social media add-ons, blog sites, PayPal Add-ons, etc.  Each widget incurs an additional fee (see Website FAQ for more information).


Estimates are good for 30 Days Only. 

No Prim & Proper Ink design or graphics are available for use without written permission. 

No Prim & Proper Ink design or graphics may be used by any other designers. 

No Prim & Proper Ink Design or graphics are free for commercial use without written permission. 


We retain full ownership until job is paid for in full. 

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